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Whilst there are other prototyping companies out there and 3D printer operators in Australia, we aim to set ourselves apart with a value-added personal service and a broad range of personal fabrication experience. This business is managed by me (Daniel) and I am personally responsible for contacts and deliveries as I believe people prefer to deal with one person throughout the entire order phase. When you speak to us, you know who you are talking to every time and who is accountable for all of the work done. This business is supported by 7 colleagues and associates and together we have the means to serve and provide 3D printing for a huge range of applications for Adelaide, Australia and even internationally with a few clients overseas.

I am a qualified Aerospace Engineer with 2 years experience as a sustainment and projects engineer. I have been a full time 3D printing design engineer for over a year now and I am a perfectionist, applying all of my ingenuity and skills to continue to push the limits of 3D printing resulting in some truly never-before-seen products such as my elaborate large modular props and cityscapes. I act as a professional consultant in all the work that I do, travelling to meet customers, discussing their needs, providing sample pieces all before a job is even started and its all standard practice free of charge to ensure my customers get what they need.

My team of colleagues are all heavily invested in 3D printing and we regularly work together to combine our skill sets to continue to push the boundaries of 3D printing and expand its use among all industries. Our business associates work with and support us to provide a comprehensive 3D printing service for Adelaide and Australia with even a few international clients.


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