Kossel Mini Delta 3D Printer

Unlimited Upgrade Potential


Need to build bigger parts?

Want a finer nozzle?


Being open source and in the form of a kit the Kossel is upgradeable with infinite possibilities. Simply purchase the required component, print off any extra pieces using your own printer and upgrade away.

Bowden Extruder + E3D Hotend


The bowden extruder provides less weight on the hotend allowing it to move faster in the X and Y directions - up to 150mm/s print speed to be precise. 


Based off the open-source "Kossel" designed by Albrecht Kossel, this parametric 3D printer boasts a huge 300mm height and an all metal E3D hotend allowing it to create models at a speed of up to 150mm/s


The printer is designed with injection moulded plastic components (rather than the conventional printed components) which allows for a more robust design.



Achieve Finer Details


Consisting of injection moulded plastic components, rather than the conventional 3D printed componets, this printer has a more robust frame with finer tolerances allowing you to not only print faster but achieve greater detail. 

1 Year Warranty + 1 month Support


Each piece is quality controlled and tested before leaving the factory and we guarantee it.

LCD Screen + SD Card Reader


Directly control and accuratly calibrate your printer in real time using the onboard controls plus there's no need to connect your printer to a computer, simply save the print file onto an SD card and walk away while your printer does the rest. 

Free Shipping Australia Wide


Wherever you are, whatever you do, we will ship straight to you.



160 x 160 x 300


High Quality Printing

0.4mm Bowden

LCD Screen

SD Card


1kg PLA filament