Kossel Delta Gen2 

Kossel Delta



The 2nd generation of the popular Kossel Mini designed by Albrecht Kossel.

This parametric 3D printer boasts a huge 300mm height and an all metal E3D hotend allowing it to create models at a speed of up to 150mm/s


The 2nd generation is redesigned with all plastic injected components (rather than 3D printed), a new redesigned bowden extruder, dual fan hotend with automatic levelling and your choice of railing. Make it completely unique. 

Redesigned E3D Hotend

Now consisting of dual fans (one for cooling the E3D hotend and one for cooling the print) you can now achieve much finer details including bridging larger gaps and creating finer models. 

New Bowden Extruder


The Bowden extruder now incorporates oinjected moulded components to which ensures accuracy and makes it easier than ever to swap filaments. With the bowden extruder you can expect to achieve prints at up to 150mm/s

Unlimited Upgrade Potential


Firstly choose the type of railing system you want based on your budget and have the ability to upgrade the machine (with full instructions) depending on how you want to use it. 


Want a heated build plate ?

Want to print faster ?

Need a larger build volume? 


LCD Screen + SD Card Reader


Directly control and accuratly calibrate your printer in real time using the onboard controls plus there's no need to connect your printer to a computer, simply save the print file onto an SD card and walk away while your printer does the rest. 

1 Year Warranty + 1 month Support


Each piece is quality controlled and tested before leaving the factory and we guarantee it.

Detailed Specifications



180 x 180 x 350


High Quality Printing

0.4mm Bowden

LCD Screen

SD Card


1kg PLA filament