MakerBot Replicator 2X



Put a full-featured desktop 3D printer in your home or office: A super flat build plate, a draft-blocking enclosure and completely re-engineerd dual extruders. The Replicator 2X explores everything possible in desktop 3D printing and makes sure you're future-proof developments are within arms reach.


Easy to Use Out of the Box


No assembly, no calibration, nothing to fiddle around with. Just simply pull it out of the box and within minutes you're ready to print. 

Dual Extrusion


Add a new level of creativity into your 3D design with dual extrusion. Mix and match colours of even materials and a cutting edge development

100 micron Resolution 


An industrial strength steel frame and robust design makes it possible to attain 0.1mm resolution at 90mm/s speeds while steel looking awesome as ever on your desk

Super Flat Heated Build Plate


Engineering for precision, with an anodized, aluminium heated build plate measuring  246mm x 152mm x 155mm

you can be sure your prints will stick first time everytime 

MakerBot MakerWare


A complete all-in-one slicing eniroment which makes it easier than ever to prepare your model for 3D Printing.

Compatible with Max/Linux/Windows

Six-Sided Enclosure


Transparent enclosed sides block wind drafts and stabilizes the internal temperature to ensure perfect prints in ABS and Nylon.

Free Shipping


Wherever you are, whatever you do, we'll ship it straight to you



246 x 152 x 155


High Quality Printing

Dual Extrusion

Heated Build Platform

MakerWare Slicing Engine

Ready To Use



Full Specifications