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We are serious about 3D Printing. Originating from a background in Mechanical Engineering with a professional knowledge base in additive manufacturing, your part will be optimized completely - including slicing options and custom support material to ensure it comes out right first time, every time. 

Various Printing Methods


Various objects require different types of printing methods. At Kad3D we recognise this and now offer a range of printing options to suit your part/model/invention


FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling): Plastic is melted and deposited layer by layer.

Advantages: Gives strength to parts, usable, affordable, fast turnaround 

Example Uses: Replacements parts, end products, engineered components, 


SLS (Selectve Laser Sintering): Powder bonded layer by layer via a laser 

Advantages: Highly detailed static objects not under force

Example Uses: Architecture models, sculptures, figurines 


SLA (Stereolithography): Liquid resin cured via a laser and UV light

Advantages: Small and highly detailed intricate objects  

Example Uses: Rings, jewellery, small figurines, highly detailed objects

Priority Printing


Time is valuable. We will strive to complete your model within the shortest amont of time possible. 


Quality is our promise. If you are unhappy with your part or it falls out of tolerance, we will replace it.




We can print your model or design for a fraction of the price as compared to other forms of manufacture.

If you're a student, take 20% off the entire printing service.

We can also repair the mesh of your model or give expert advice on the design to ensure it is capable of being 3D printed.

Lowest Shipping Costs Australia Wide


No matter where you are in Melbourne, if you can't personally pick up your model we will deliver it for a flat fee of $1 for registered post of $2 for express post



$1 Shipping



Wide Range 



Quality Settings


We offer 3 quality options depending on your desired finish; high quality, standard quality and draft quality. 

Since we quote based on time, you are now able to choose which print quality best suits your budget whether its a quick draft to check dimensions, a finished product to showcase or something in between. 

Please note the default is set at 0.2mm (standard quality)

High Quality 

0.1mm layer resolution

Printing Time: 3h 26m

Standard Quality (default) 

0.2mm layer resolution

Printing Time: 1h 45m

Draft Quality 

0.3mm layer resolution

Printing Time: 1h 11m



Printing Method                            FDM (plastics), SLS (powder), SLA (resin)

Material Options                           PLA (default), ABS, Nylon, Wood, Copper, Bronze, Rubber

Layer Resolution                           High (0.1mm), Standard (0.2mm), Draft (0.3mm) 

Print Speed                                   80mm/s

Support Material                           Standard

Minimum Thickness                      1.0mm 

Maximum Build Dimensions          500mm x 500mm x 500mm (X,Y,Z)

Colour                                            Please Specify













Students, we understand the rush of uni and the strict time curfews those lecturers provide. 


At Kad3D we're here to make your life that little bit easier by providing a fast turnaround time and a 15% discount* to all students.


1. Upload your model below to view your instant quote 

2. Use your student email 

3. Use the discount code STUDENT to receive 15% off your order. 

4. Pay for your order and let us do the rest


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Wide Range 



Free Model Repair


If you are unable to submit your model or you see an ERROR please repair your design by clicking the link below.

This service will save you time by taking care of the many common errors in 3D designs to create a model capable of 3D printing. 




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Unless specified, by submitting your file for printing you are allowing us to publish your work onto our social media accounts through the form of photographs uploaded to the KAD 3D Facebook and Instagram accounts. We will cite all work to the respective owners.


All uploads will be handled discretely with non-disclosure contracts available for innovative work.