750g of ColorFabb CopperFill 3D printing filament at 1.75mm diameter. 3D Print with metal on your own desktop 3D Printer! Similar to BronzeFill, this amazing filament will allow you to print with actual copper fibers in your very own home. With some sanding a polishing the bronze particles take a shine unlike any other filament you've seen before. The weight and density of the material is about 3x heavier than regular PLA/PHA Now you can comfortably make jewelry or other high quality prints that wont feel cheap and lightweight.

ColorFabb CopperFill 750g

  • Tips For Printing Print Temperature: 195-220C* Print Speed: 40 - 100 mm/s Heated Bed Temperature (if you have one, not strictly necessary): 50-60C Printing: Depending on your set-up, 3d printer and slice software, you might see that CopperFill needs a bit more flow compared to your normal PLA settings. Most plastics will show die swell when coming out of the nozzle tip, this is counteracted with specific slicer settings. Since CopperFill doesn’t show a die swell such as PLA you might need to increase flow rate a bit, 4-8% was perfect for our UM2. . Post Processing: Sanding and polishing your parts will make the copper particles shine. Start sanding with grit 120-180 and make sure all the printed lines vanish. You’ll notice that because CopperFill is easy to sand down, be careful not to loose too much detail. Then start working your way up by following with grit 240-320 and finishing off with grit 600 - or higher. Finally use a clean soft cloth and some polish to really get all of the shine out of the copper particles.

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