The Creality CR-10 Max has a whopping 450mm x 450mm x 470mm build volume making it a great choice for large models, cosplay, large-scale prototyping or batch printing production. The Creality CR10 features automatic bed levelling, print resume functionality, filament run-out detection and a 4.3 inch full-colour touch screen.

If you want to print big then this s the printer for you. With all the bells and whistles of a reliable 3D printer to ensure you can leave this guy on overnight and he’ll be happily printing as morning comes. We’ve stress testing the CR10 Max on our print farm at KAD3D with print times of up to 100 hours resulting in great succession. With the right care, know-how and expertise, the Creality CR10 Max is a must for any print farm, cosplayer or any industry looking at anything bigger than a Prusa i3 MK33S+


  • Large architectural models
  • Large scale prototyping
  • Batch production (print using the entire build volume)
  • Tall items (bottles, mannequins, plat pots, moulds)
  • Cosplay
  • Sculptures


  1. Hemera direct-drive upgrade available for precision filament control or large-scale, flexible 3D printing
  2. Volcano Nozzle upgrade for faster and stronger printing
  3. Insanity Automation CR10 Max Firmware upgrade