The next generation Prusa Gen 4, is a semi-built 3D Printer comprising a sleek, aesthetic design and upgraded mechanical components. The printer is built to be solid using linear guides, a new x and y belt system, high-speed cooling fan and a glass, removable heated build plate.

FREE 1kg spool of PLA plastic to get you started
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Kad3D Prusa i4

  • - Generation 4 Model

    - Capable of 100 micron resolution (half the thickness of a human hair)

    - Build Area: 210 x 210 x 190 mm

    - Printing Software included

    - Cura 15.04

    - Removable Glass Build Platform

    - 0.4mm direct drive extruder for fine details (upgradeable if required)

    - Heated build platform for ABS, PLA, nylon, rubber and wood.

    - Hot end max temperature: 280 Degrees C

    - Heated bed max temperature: 130 Degrees C

    - LCD screen and SD card reader


    - FREE 1kg spool of PLA plastic

    - 6 month support

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