Phenom XXL v2 With a build volume of 527 × 296 x 550 mm. Phenom XXL v2 is 500% Bigger than Phenom and over 4 times bigger than Form 3L. With an industrial-grade 4K panel, XXL is ideal for high volume production and extra-large model. With all-new build plate designs, Phenom XXL v2 is as easy to run as other Phenoms while offering the ability to print large models with splitting. XXL also runs on the same Deft and Neo resins as Phenom so users can stock the same consumables.

We highly recommend using the Deft resin with your Phenom XXL v2 for the best results.



Print volume: 527 x 296 x 550 mm

Advanced Parallel LED’s for higher resolution – longer lifespan, quieter, efficient

Technology: MSLA 3D with 7 inch touchscreen

Slicer Options Lychee, Tango Voxeldance or Vlare Slicer

Additions: WiFi infrared camera for remote monitoring and management

Printer Size: 525 x 395 x 780mm

Vat Volume: 6.5 kg

Connectivity: USB, Ethernet


Included in the Box

  • Phenom L MSLA 3D Printer
  • Build Plate
  • Build Plate Screw
  • 6.5kg Vat
  • Power Supply
  • Power Cord
  • Flash Drive
  • Metal Vat Scraper
  • Plastic Vat Scraper
  • Allen Wrench
  • FEP Film
  • Resin Filter
  • Gloves