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I have the B4A that it is a free and open source application. But I can not install it on my.Inkjet printers have become ubiquitous in homes and businesses. An inkjet printer forms a printed image by printing a pattern of individual dots at particular locations of an array defined for the printing medium. The locations where the inkdrops are deposited are known as picture elements, or "pixels". To obtain color printing, inkjet printers often print each of several different color inks at respective locations of a pixel array. In such case, the total number of pixels required for a printed image is typically greater than the number of pixel locations for each of the different color inks. Each of the different color inkjet inks may be provided in an inkjet cartridge which includes a pressurized ink reservoir connected to a printhead having a plurality of nozzles from which the ink drops are ejected. The printhead receives ink from the ink reservoir and ejects ink drops through nozzles at appropriate times pursuant to command of a microprocessor or other controller. The timing of the ink drop ejections typically follows a pattern. The pattern is called a print "command language", or "CL". The CL may define particular print "duty cycles" for particular nozzles. It is desirable that a printer operate with a relatively high degree of reliability. A quality inkjet printing system should provide accurate, high-speed printing of high quality print data. Ideally, the inkjet printing system should provide a high quality image on plain paper. The reliability and quality of the image is dependent on the maintenance of a proper printhead, so that the printhead requires only relatively minor maintenance. A printhead is considered to be "capped" if there is only a small amount of ink remaining in the nozzles of the printhead, and requires "sealing" before it can be reused. After a printer is used for printing, the printhead is capped and is stored for later use in the printer. The nozzles of the printhead may become plugged with ink that is dried in the nozzles. The printhead is then unsealed, typically by heating, and the printhead is placed in a wiping station. In the wiping station, a wiper contacts and wipes the surface of the printhead to remove dried ink residue. If the cleaning wipe contacts the printhead at too high of a velocity, the printhead is "jetted", i.e., the wiper wipes off ink as well as

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B4a-license.txt vesasp

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