Kad3D Prusa Gen4

The Prusa Gen4 is our latest version in the DIY printer space boasting a sleek looking exterior encompassed with a new list of added features. 


Build faster with a Mk8 nozzle, increased cooling around the nozzle and the redesigned x-gantry system using linear rails. A removable glass plate has been added to allow easy removal and cleaning in between various prints. A full aluminium extrusion body ensures a solid printer producing consistent performance - priinting upside down is no issue for this beast. 

Redesigned X-Axis

The X-gantry has been completely redesigned using a single linear rail, reducing friction and a turbo cooling fan increasing cooling efficiency allowing for greater print accuracy, bridging and larger support angles. The hotend includes an all-metal design and the latest Mk8 nozzle.

Full Metal Frame


The frame consists of full metal, aluminium extrusion eliminating the majority of vibrational issues in an acrylic based printer. 

LCD Control + SD Card Reader


Print autonomously with the in-build LCD control panel and the included 8GB SD card. You also have full control access allowing you to change print settings in real time while the printer is running


Removable Build Plate


The heated build plate reaches temperatures of up to 130 degrees C allowing for multiple filaments including ABS, carbon fibre, metallic bi-plastics, flexible filaments, nylon and many many more. Whats more, the build plate is a removale glass bed made of borosilicate meaning it can withstand the constant cycle of hot and cold without shattering. 


LCD Screen

0.4mm Direct Drive



210 x 210 x 190

1kg PLA filament

SD Card



High Quality Printing

Print Quality Examples


Below are a few featured test print in various materials


Detailed Specifications