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3D printing requires a 3D model of the part you wish to create. By developing the skills to design and process objects you can create three dimensional computer files of real things customised to your needs. Whether it be a shoe that fits your particular foot, a prosthetic for your size hand, a chair that directly fits the curvature of your back or even some armour for your cats body shape and size. The possibilities are endless.


Learning the foundation of designing for the the 3D printing process is a foundation we try to emphasise on. Without the ability to create parts from your imagination your 3D printer will be limited to printing parts other people have designed/scanned. Depending on your skill these workshops will consist of 3 sessions each running for 3 hours in length. Take your skills to the next level.


  • Part I: Overview + Features

Suitable for those who have never used CAD before.

  • Part II: MultiPart + Assemblies 

Understanding the benefit of modelling separate parts in one studio and how to create an assembly demonstrating motion.

  • Part III: Drafting (Drawings) + Misc 

Drafting your design and an overview of various unique features Onshape provides.


Part I:

Overview + Features


Discover the advantages of Onshape cloud based software over conventional CAD and learn basic functionality, sketches and the features involved. 



  • Introduction to CAD and how it coincides with 3D printing

  • Difference between conventional CAD and Onshape

  • Onshape navigation

  • Sketching tools

  • Constraining your sketch

  • Part features and how to use them accordingly (extrude, cut, revolve etc.)

  • Creating your first part





Time:                   Sunday 22nd May

Location:            Blackburn High School

Duration:            9am - 12pm (3 hours)

Capacity:            10

Cost:                    $99


Part II:

MultiPart + Assemblies


Now that you know the functionality of Onshape and what it can do. Learn about the powerful modes it carries including multi-part design and assemblies.



  • Multi-part design

  • Advantages of multi-part design

  • Creating separate parts in one part studio

  • Bridging, relationships and boolean

  • Patterns and when to use them

  • Importing a CAD model

  • Assembly mates and how they work

  • Mate connecting a complex part

  • Mates in motion

  • Creating your own assembly




Time:                   Sunday 29th May

Location:            Blackburn High School

Duration:            9am - 1pm (4 hours)

Capacity:            10

Cost:                    $199

Part III:

Drafting + Misc


Now that you’ve learnt part design and assembly, learn how to produce a 2D drawing of your model and discover the hidden features that make Onshape stand out.



  • Creating a drawing in Onshape

  • Current limitations

  • Version control

  • Branching and merging and why they can be useful

  • Comparing

  • Sharing / collaborating on a single model at the same time

  • Following and commenting in real time

  • Accessing the mobile / tablet interface





Time:                   Sunday 5th June

Location:            Blackburn High School

Duration:            9am - 1pm (4 hours)

Capacity:            10

Cost:                    $199



Upcoming Workshops \


Build Your Own 3D Printer - Prusa i3








This workshop is a 2 day intensive experience where you, (yes, YOU) will be building your very own 3D printer. Not only will this teach you the vital components that make up 90% of 3D printers but it will also give you the ability and freedom to repair, modify and upgrade it yourself (similar to a PC). Learn the method of how to use it effectively with an interactive walk-through on the slicing software and all the settings to ensure your prints come out amazing or what to do if they don’t. We will not let you leave unless your printer is working as it should be.

Concluding this workshop you should walk away a 3D printing whizz!




Cost:                    $999 pp (guests + $250)

Time:                    Saturday May 7th and Sunday May 8th (2 days)

Location:            Blackburn High School

Duration:            Approximately 16 hours total

Capacity:            5


  • Day 1: Introduction and assembly

    • Assembling the 3D printer step by step

      • Frame

      • X-gantry

      • Y-gantry

      • Heated Bed

      • Extruder

      • Hotend

      • Z-axis

      • Motherboard wiring (no soldering required)

      • Power Supply wiring (no soldering required)

    • Learning the components of a 3D printer and how they work together

  • Day 2: Software and printing

    • Installing the recommended drivers

    • Uploading the firmware to the printer

    • Introduction to slicing and GCODE (Cura 15.04)

    • Slicing a model and pre-printing preparation

    • Calibration

    • Maintenance

    • Making changes to the firmware using Arduino




An industry that could remake the global economy”  – Goldman Sachs (2014)


 3D printing has been around since the 1980’s but only recently has it become accessible to the consumer allowing for rapid advancement in the technology and its applications. Just as the industrial revolution created tremendous change in manufacturing, 3D printing will shake the current digital era. 

At Makerlab we strive to educate this exciting new industry and show (through demonstration) how this technology can be a huge benefit to your business.


Welcome to 3D printing –  a step in the right dimension! 



Makerlab provides 3D printing education, training, supplies and consultation to businesses and creative individuals.

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